Real nameOlga
Date of birthJune 23, 1980
ResidenceRussia, Magnitogorsk
Height165 cm (5'4")
Weight110 lbs (50 kg)
Body typeAthletic
Hair colorBlond
Eye colorGreen
English levelPre-Intermediate
Marital statusDivorced
ChildrenHave 1 children

I am

I'm cheerful and active person, ambitious and purposeful. I can say that I always achieve all what I want, I always set new aims and have many dreams. I hope that one day they will come true. I will be so glad to know that my destined man is here and that we will meet each other here. I always think positive and cab say that it helps me. I am a great fond of fitness and tennis! It will be great to train together. I will teach you if you can't! How do you find my idea? Don't afraid I will give you time to rest)). By the way, I like to travel and adore to dance. I am passionate about landscaping and indoor design.

Age range 40-79

Looking for

I decided to tell you my dream and I hope you will be interested to know it. Our life is full of meetings and partings, every person has it's own life history, and lucky those who is already happy and found love. Have you found your love already? Me not! That's why I am here!
What we are looking and seeking for? What we expect from life? Ideal partner , perfect relationship?
Most people are lonely because they do not let anyone into their heart. Maybe deep down in their soul they have fear that if they believe and trust person, after some time they will regret about it? But still everyone unconsciously is looking for his mate and seeks to build a harmonious relationship. But guaranty of harmonious relationships is loyalty and trust. Can you agree?
I'd like to see that I mean something for my beloved person, and that he is happy just because I close to him. It is very important in our life to have someone with whom you can share your life, your dreams and desires, I wish so much that my man would feel truly happy with me. And I will be happy too if my man feels happy, loved and needed when he is with me.
My big dream is to find such person. And what is your dream?
Ask me anything, my heart is open to you. Looking forward to your reply.