Spring 2017
Tender tulips for Her!
Choose and make Her smile!
This season has the meaning of nature awakening just like our hearts and feelings open up for the new life, new horizons and pleasant impressions! There is no better way to impress Your Special Lady than to order a nice bunch of tender spring flowers – tulips!
Delicate tulips of various colors are the best choice to send Your Lady some hearty greetings or just to say hi! You shouldn’t wait for the special reason, be spontaneous and order a piece of true happiness and exciting emotions to be delivered to Her out of the blue this spring season! All you need is to choose the color of the bouquet and remember - color really matters!
USSR-STAR.com Delivery Service offers you to choose the color of the tulips to tell Your Lady what’s on your mind!
Yellow tulips are associated with happiness, sun, prosperity and luck! Order a bouquet of yellow tulips for artistic and creative ladies like the embodiment of their future success and fame!
Red tulips will tell Your Special Lady about your passion. They symbolize Your Heart sealed with Her Soul and giving Her the hope to meet soon!
A bunch of multi-colored tulips can be sent with any message, but only to the Lady of Your Heart to show Her how deep and diverse your feelings are!