Don't Be in a Hurry in Relationships Dating Russian Girls
Do not be in a rush dating your girlfriend! There are five signs that your relationship is developing too quickly.

Healthy relationships can develop at any speed, but the most important if the way you feel. And if it seems to you that you are moving too fast, check that you are not talking about your situation below!

1. You have little personal space.
Any Russian woman will benefit by having some time only for herself. So give her this opportunity and take advantage of it. If she constantly asks where you are who are you with, she does not want to let you go even for a minute. Perhaps you both hurry up the events.

2. Your Ukraine girlfriend invites you everywhere with her.
This item is related to the previous one. Contact is important in the early stages of the relationship, but it may be too much.

3. You get to know her parents too fast
To tremble before this meeting is normal. Yet this is an important step, that often adds the bright colors to the relationship. But if you are very worried, you can spoil the first impression.

4. Grandiose joint plans
It's necessary to discuss the future with each other. But if she has already painted everything for years, and you do not like anything in these points, it's bad. People do not plan to buy an apartment on the first date.

5. You feel the dependence
In good relations, the partners come to an agreement. But you do not need to blindly obey, it causes discomfort and makes you ignore your feelings.

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