Five Awesome Topics To Start With Chatting With Russian Bride
1. Cinema is a universal theme. Start with the question: "Do you go to the cinema?". You will find out what she likes to watch, whether she goes to night sessions. Speak about new movie releases and then invite her to watch some movie together.

2. Hobbies. For example, you roll on rollers or collect stamps. In the first case, after a short conversation, you can invite her to roll or she can’t roll, promise to teach her. In the second case, you can tell her a romantic story, associated with a favorite stamp and invite her to see the collection. In conversation, do not forget to ask what your Russian girl is fond of, and give time to talk about it.

3. Literature. Does your girlfriend like to read? If yes - go ahead. What has she been reading lately? What are her favorite writers? Tell her what you read yourself. Maybe, you know, which book will be soon filmed? Have you already read a new book from the series you like? Then, promise to give her to read it.

4. Museums, memorable places. In any city, there are a lot of them. You need to take a guide in your hands and remember the information, at least about those where you come most often. Then, at any time, you can beat the intellect in about the same spirit: "Do you know that Pushkin lived in this house (James Bond, Carlson)?" Try to know her favorite places, then tell a romantic story about her favorite park and invite her to take a walk.

5. Cars. Ask if the girl drives the car. If not, does she want it? What cars does she like? Share your thoughts about the car of your dreams.

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