Five useful tips for you and your russian women when the children are back to school
Many of us takes the New Year’s Day as the first day of the year but for some people especially for all children of the world the new year starts in Autumn. Children of Russian ladies and Ukrainian women start attending school in September. At first they celebrate the Day of the Knowledge September 1 and the next day come to school for the first classes.

The new educational year is the new stage in pupils’ and students’ lives. Once you have a child who is already a schoolboy or a schoolgirl, you know what we are talking about.

The school sets new challenges waiting for new victories. Parents are enthusiastically preparing for an important date: they make shopping lists for school, the children repeat the rules of math and other subjects and read the summer book list.

Children need support and encouragement. They need to feel that the parents notice their efforts and remind that it is necessary to believe in them.

We recommend you to make some steps to create a pleasant atmosphere for children if you haven’t done it yet.
Step 1. Remove all needless stuff from the boxes, cabinets, and rooms.

Step 2. Make rearrangement. Maybe the reason some last year's failures at school is an uncomfortable workplace? Or not very well located recreation area? Try to arrange furniture in a different way. More comfortable environment for work and leisure necessarily entail new training feats.

Step 3. Think about the lighting. Is it enough light in the room for your child?

Step 4. Save and increase. Each new school year adds the amount of knowledge in the mind of the child and the amount of exercise books, books, and reference books in his room. So, we need to take care of additional storage areas. For books, you may need shelves, racks, or cabinet.

Step 5. Inspiration, come to me! Bring more inspiring things into the room. You can place a cork on the table or magnetic board and secured her favorite pictures and ornaments. So, they will have an additional reason to be proud of themselves.
And such pleasant things as decorative figurines, colorful glasses for writing instruments, vases, colored tabs, original wall clocks and photo frames make the room cozy and child will feel nice to come back to after a long day at school.

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