Macy's Thanksgiving Parade to attend with your beautiful Russian lady
You still don't know where to take your lady in New York for the Thanksgiving day?
Macy's Thanksgiving Parade takes place every year in late November, at Thanksgiving Day. More than three million people fill the streets of the city and 50 million are watching a live broadcast on television in their homes. Several dozen platforms with fantastic scenes and views on them, acrobats, balloons in the form of the famous cartoon characters and hundreds of clowns. The parade stretches for 4 kilometers, about 8,000 volunteers take part in it. If you are in New York in November, do not miss this unforgettable event.

The night before Thanksgiving, you can observe how the participants of the parade inflate giant balloons in the form of characters of the popular comics and cartoons. To see that you need to get to the American Museum of Natural History in the north-west side of Manhattan. You will need a lot of patience to get there, the whole area around the building is fenced. The process of preparing the parade attracts many spectators. Queues start from 79th Street and Columbus Avenue at 15:00. The area is open to the public until 22:00.

On the morning of November 25 at about 09:00 Macy Parade begins its journey down from 77th street to Macy department store on 34th Street. Many people come to book the best places to view the colorful parade at six am. Many streets are overlapped, to prevent the accumulation of a huge crowd. If you could not take place along the fence, walk down the street a little further, balloons are so giant that you will easily see the parade.

For the best places to watch the parade, go to Central Park between 60th and 70th Street. It is not recommended to stand on Herald Square and 34th and 38th streets, there will be very clogged.

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