Ten Signs of a Happy Man Dating Russian Bride
1. Happy people start their day with gratitude.
They do not forget to thank God and the Universe for a beautiful morning, for a sunny day outside, the close friends around, for an interesting job, a simple smile of a passerby person, for a beautiful lady next to them. Happy people sincerely thank the others for doing something good for them, willing to express their gratitude, compassion, and joy.

2. Happy people smile.
A smile is an obligatory feature, it helps to get along well with people and make happy people look attractive.

3. Happy people do not compare themselves with others, they do not worry what people think about them, and they never regret themselves. Yes, they simply have no time to puzzle over the fact what the man next door is thinking about them. Such thoughts interfere to feel free and happy.

4. Happy people are positive and they believe in the best. Yes, and they repeat "everything that is done, is for better".

5. Happy people communicate with other people and they are happy to have new acquaintances. Sincerity, genuine interest, an abundance of emotion and expression of sympathy make people happy.

6. Happy people surround themselves with kindness. Good deeds take place in a happy person life. Helping others and make the world better bring pleasure to happy people.

7. Happy people take care of their body and soul. Regular exercise, meditation, and spiritual development are faithful companions of a happy one. Such people tend to self-knowledge and self-development.

8. Happy people do what they really like. This can be a major work as well as a hobby. Hobby always gives positive emotions.

9. Happy people allow themselves sometimes to be a child. Children distinguish sincere manifestations of emotion and a smile. The world through the eyes of a child can be much happier because only curious children notice unexpected and ridiculous things around.

10. Happy people enjoy what they have. Happy people live today and now in the present, without hiding emotions and feelings. Favorite tune on the radio, a nice letter from a loved one, a bouquet of flowers, interesting book, a pleasant evening with friends. The main thing is to find happiness in simple everyday things.

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