1st place winner is Alexandra from Kishinev, Moldova. No doubt Alexandra is absolutely fascinating and glamorous young lady wearing elegant red dress symbolizing love, passion, and desire. She got the main prize of the contest - the bouquet of 15 red roses and earrings and she sends her message to all her fans: “You are the best, the most generous and warm-hearted supports on the planet.

2nd place winner Oksana from Kiev, Ukraine, is so much thankful for your votes and love. The results of the contest made her smile. She is amazed by the fact that she was noticed by so many voters who brought this winning place to her. She has got the bouquet of 13 red roses and a big chocolate box.

3rd place Svetlana from Kiev, Ukraine believes that nobody attracts the attention more than a lady in a red dress. Red is a very emotionally intense color and it enhances the energy. That is the reason Svetlana adores to get and share this energy with others. She is thankful for all your votes and she sends you positive waves of her winning. Her prize consists of the bouquet of 11 red roses and a big chocolate box.