We are happy to have you reading this text now. We take it as a sign that you enjoy our site and are eager to learn more.

In our fast-paced age of computer technology, when time seems to fly by, we find ourselves in too much of a hurry to stop and chat or strike up a new friendship. The Internet offers scores of sites where you can meet people and chat via text or video. Yet the lightning pace of such communication leaves no time for expressing yourself in a more subtle and romantic way.

We are here to take the edge off this frantic pace and offer you a dating service where you can meet gorgeous Slavic (and not only) ladies, who are looking forward to meeting and marrying a foreigner.

We offer you a chat room with its quick exchanges of messages that provides you with amazing opportunity to reach the lady you like instantly. Live Chat shows your unique personality, your temper and mood and gives you a chance to touch upon the issues spontaneously. Our clients exchange letters that are translated into and from English not by machines, but by professional linguists who can convey both the words and the tone and mood of your letters.

The story of Andrew and I also began with an exchange of letters. We are committed to helping our users find the happiness that the two of us have been blessed with.


Nina, Andrew and the site team