Can I Drink Beer After a Workout? Russian Wife Knows the Answer...
Many men ask themselves the question: "Can I drink beer after a workout? And not only beer but any alcohol in general?"

Sport is the ability not only to strain but also to relax. When you ran off a few hundred kilometers in a fairly short period of time, the muscles are heavy, and the brain too. Glass of red wine is very useful for physical and mental relaxation, and the effect is felt immediately. Many people recommend drinking beer after a workout because it makes up for the lost supply of microelements.

If you want to make such procedures, you should do it not more than once a month before days off. The allowed dose should not exceed the one after which you will feel discomfort in the morning. On the eve of hard training, none alcohol in any case. Here, of course,it is important to have the self-control and the ability to hit the brakes in time. If you don’t possess such qualities, it is better not to drink alcohol at all.

Many people train all year round including the worst weather. Though the exercises usually make your body feel warm after a slow winter run, you can easily come back home soaked and frozen. And there is a grandfather's tradition to drink a little vodka, brandy or something more for warming up. Do not do it as the warming effect of alcohol is an illusion.

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