Five reasons to put some photos to your profile on a dating site urgently
“How attractive am I?” is one of those questions that many men ask themselves daily and do not post photos on their profiles on a dating site.
Try on these five curious characteristics that women sometimes dote on...

To some this may seem like a serious flaw but the scars do not give the appearance of a broken product to a man. Instead, women, as a rule, admire stories that your “battle” injuries can tell, and with the help of them you can create an atmosphere of mystery around you, hint at the strength of your body and spirit, and masculinity. A study by the University of Liverpool showed that women associate scars with courage, good health, and courage. Wouldn't someone like to be seen as a hero?

Several years ago, a study was conducted at Stockholm University that revealed that women were more often attracted to men who wear glasses, unlike those who did not. What is the reason? Apparently, because glasses are a sign of intelligence, and while everyone thinks that ladies rate a man by the size of their biceps, the size of your intelligence can give you a big advantage. And everyone likes a witty conversation ...

Gray hair
Like glasses, gray hair can be a sign of maturity, experience, and sophistication. A recent survey by a huge dating website showed that 72% of women think that gray hair is a sign of a “hot man”, and even more believe that it is “attractive”. And, even if you are young, but have already begun to turn gray prematurely, then radiating self-confidence, you will only add points to popularity among Russian women.

Green Hands
Not literally, of course. Those of you who spend your time courting the garden are considered more attractive among the fair sex. Growing and caring for plants show that a man has such qualities as patience and the ability to attach. These qualities are very important for our Slavic beauties!

Thick eyebrows
It may seem strange, but a pair of thick eyebrows are indeed considered attractive by women. Not shaggy but fluffy - but a pair of dark thick eyebrows can emphasize the masculine look and draw attention to the eyes, which are the mirror of your soul.

Therefore, if you, for some of these reasons, have not yet posted a photo in your profile, we recommend that you do this sooner. This will no doubt attract many new views and posts to your profile!

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