Sex Symbol of the Week: Catherine Deneuve - Cult Figure for Russian Women
The greatest French actress ever has celebrated her birthday recently . An excellent opportunity to surf the net in order to see her pictures!

Catherine Deneuve was born in a family of actors: her parents played on the stage, so the chances that the child would get some other occupation were extremely small. Catherine was the third of four sisters, but the family could afford many daughters, parents were uneasy actors but successful, well-earning actors. So Catherine grew up not in the bohemian environment but in the bourgeois surroundings in a nice area of Paris.

Since childhood, Catherine has had a decisive character. So, having got pregnant at the age of twenty from a director Roger Vadim, aspiring actress left the house and began to raise the child herself. The great tragedy for Catherine was the death of her beloved sister Francoise, also an aspiring and promising actress. (The sisters played in the film "The Young Girls of Rochefort".)

"Repulsion", "The Umbrellas of Cherbourg" and "Belle de Jour" have immortalized Madame Deneuve at Olympus of cinematic glory but she continues to film, constantly confirming her status as legendary French actress.

Personal Life of Catherine is also fruitful: Catherine has got two children. Already mentioned son of Roger Vadim and a daughter Chiara from Marcello Mastroianni.
But it is not worth to forget the main thing: Madame Deneuve is not only a successful actress but also a very beautiful woman like many Russian girl and Ukrainian ladies. So, enough words. Happy birthday, Catherine!

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