8 Reasons Why You Should Send Her Chocolates for 11 July
World Chocolate Day 2017 is celebrated on July 11. This is a day when we all want to indulge in our favorite kind of chocolate, whether it is a box of chocolate sweets, a glass of chocolate milk, a cup of hot chocolate, a chocolate candy bar, a piece of chocolate cake, brownies or anything else covered in chocolate. So, a few reasons why you should check our delivery order list and choose a box of chocolate to be delivered to your special lady in 5 days!

1. Chocolate is a big inspiration to lots of people. Send your lady a box of chocolate inspiration with the USSR-STAR.com Delivery Service!
2. You can drink it. One day you will meet your lady and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate by her side!
3. There are many kinds of this sweet happiness to satisfy your sweet tooth. You can choose one to be delivered to your lady, too!
4. Nutrition experts tend to acknowledge cocoa’s brain-enhancing, life-extending properties. Dark chocolate might be a good way to improve your memory and cognitive function, and busting stress.
5. Dark chocolate stimulates the release of endorphins - happiness hormones that affect the pleasure center, improve mood and maintain the tone of the body. Good reason to buy some chocolate today, isn’t it?
6. There is also a hypothesis that chocolate has an "anti-cancer" effect and is able to slow the aging processes.
7. Finally, attention, the world is running out of this “dark gold”! The world’s cocoa is increasingly in short supply, so, you’d better stock up and send some to your lady while you can.
8. USSR-STAR.com Delivery Service is well organized and is often used to make a surprise for the ladies and to see new real life pictures. Send Her a box of chocolates and enjoy the happy moments of your romance!

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