Student's day in Russia and Ukraine! Celebrate together!
It may truly be difficult to find a student in Russia or Ukraine who does not know about the existence of the Student Day and does not celebrate this holiday on January 25th. Presidential Decree No. 76 of January 25, 2005, “On the Day of Russian Students” officially approved the “professional” holiday of Russian students.

It happened so that it was on Tatiana's Day, which is celebrated on January 25th according to the new style, in 18th century, Empress Elizaveta Petrovna signed the decree “On the establishment of Moscow University”, and Tatiana's Day became an official university day, at that time it was called the Day of the Foundation of Moscow University.
Ever since, Holy Tatiana is considered the patroness of students.

Despite the fact that the holiday history has its roots in the distant past, the traditions have been preserved up to nowadays. Students both organized wide celebrations over a hundred years ago, and in the 21st century they prefer to celebrate their holiday noisily and cheerfully.
As you know, a student will never miss a chance to take a break from his studies - according to popular wisdom, only “hot” session time distracts him from endless triumph.

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