World Kissing Day on Jul’6 2018!

World Kissing Day is celebrated on Jul’6 2018 and we invite everybody to join the celebration! Nearly all over the world, people may often feel a kind of unconscious need to kiss when getting into a romantic situation.

Seems like the representatives of the opposite sex are programmed for a kiss and are waiting for this like many famous people mentioned below who have turned kissing into art!

Just have a look at some known kissers like E. E. Wolfram from Minnesota, USA - he kissed 8001 people within 8 hours on September 19 1990 during a festival held in his state. Thus, he managed to kiss a new person every 3.6 seconds! Wow!

The first kiss on the screen was in 1896. It was recorded by Mae Irwin and John C. Raye in the 30-second video of Thomas Edison called "Kiss."

The film with the highest number of kisses is "Don Juan" (1926) which counted 191 kiss.

The longest kiss in the history of cinema: Regis Tumi and Jane Vyman were kissing for 185 seconds in the movie "You're in the Army Now" (1940), which took 4% of the entire length of the movie.

The list can be continued...

Despite the fact that you may still be far from your special lady, our website gives you a wonderful opportunity to exchange at least virtual kisses, start with a small kiss and, perhaps very soon, it will turn into the most romantic moment of your life!

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