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On October 20 annually Cook's Day is celebrated by cooks, chefs and culinary experts from all around the world. The special international date was established in 2004 at the initiative of the World Association of Culinary Communities. This organization, by the way, has 8 million members - representatives of the cook profession from different countries.

The profession of a cook is one of the most demanded worldwide and one of the oldest, too. Of course, history is silent about who first came up with cooking meat of the wildfowl and plants collected in the forest. But yet there is a legend about a woman whose name gave the name to the entire industry of cooking.

The ancient Greeks worshiped the god of healing Asclepius (Roman Aesculapius). His daughter Gigeya was considered the guardian of health (by the way, the word "hygiene" came from her name). And their faithful assistant in all matters was the cook Kulina, who began to patronize the art of cooking, called "cooking."

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1. Tatyana from Kharkov
2. Elena from Chernigov
3. Svetlana from Berdyansk
4. Marina from Poltava
5. Svetlana from Saint-Petersburg
6. Asya from Sumy
7. Asya from Sumy

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