3 phrases to avoid in your communication with mail order bride
The importance of open communication is emphasized in any article about relationships. But what if your words in messages or in chat do more harm than good?


Psychologists believe that the main sign of a long-term relationship is a good attitude towards each other, even in small things; in particular an interest in what the partner wants to say. If she wants you to pay attention to her, and you make it clear with such phrases that you are not interested, or even worse, you ignore the things important for your lady, it acts destructively and she will most likely move away from you.


A phrase that kills communication. Nothing is so capable of pulling a partner out of himself, like generalizations of this kind. Such criticism will only alienate your beloved, and will not help you to achieve what you need.


Such words imply that you reject everything that your possible future wife can say! They sound passively aggressive, as if you want to hint that you are not comfortable with her behavior or the tone of the message, but at the same time avoid open conversation.

What to say instead?

“I would really like to hear your opinion on “X”. “I have difficulties here, can you help?” Then say thanks. It is not surprising that partners, who regularly thank each other, are more aware that they are valued and supported despite the distance, and it helps to overcome periods of tension in relationships more easily.

Everybody has moments when the interlocutor is annoying even at the stage of communication on a dating site. It may seem that it is necessary to show honesty and express discontent openly, but this will cause a wave of discontent. If you are sure that the problem is serious, calmly discuss it with your mail order bride in a constructive manner, while criticizing only her actions, not her own.

Our tips do not suggest that you need to monitor every word that you say or write, but sensitivity and caution can give a lot to relationships. Try to show your warm attitude more often, not forgetting words like “thank you”, “I need you” or “I love you”.

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