5 famous couples with a big age gap
Everyone knows the famous phrase "love of all ages is submissive." In the life of Hollywood and Russian show business, everything happens like this - often couples are formed with a really big age difference. Moreover, in the modern world, this is no longer surprising at all. We have been observing how such marriages develop for years and draw our own conclusions. Let's see 5 celebrities who are in a relationship with a significant age gap and are living happily ever after.

Donald Trump and Melania Trump
Two long marriages of the American billionaire and ex-President Trump of the States have broken up. After that, the businessman decided not to raise the age bar and took the young Slovenian model Melania as his wife. Predictions about this unequal marriage were very different, and nevertheless, the famous couple has been together for more than 6 years, they look happy, and even gave birth to the heir to the Trump empire, the son of Barron.

Bruce Willis and Emma Hemming
The star of "The Fifth Element" and "Die Hard" had a very difficult breakup and subsequent divorce from her beloved Demi Moore. 9 years ago, he met the producer and actress Emma Hemming on his way. As Willis himself says, it was love from the first date. He recently celebrated his 60th birthday and claims that he is still in love with his 36-year-old wife as a teenager!

David Schwimmer and Zoey Buckman
The public's favorite, the famous bore Ross from "Friends" decided to marry a simple "non-star" girl from England. The acquaintance took place in a nightclub where the future wife worked eleven years ago. Now David and Zoey have been happily married for over 15 years and have a little daughter.

Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones
The famous strong couple with a solid age difference, which, contrary to expectations, is not going to break up. Even numerologists foreshadow the prosperity of Michael and Katie since they were both born on September 25, and the age difference is again 25 years. Douglas married the star actress at the age of 56.

Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin
The famous Russian singer and popular comedian met seventeen years ago, and, according to Galkin's assertion, he immediately saw an ideal woman in Pugacheva. After 10 years, the couple legalized the relationship with an age difference of 27 years. Now the star couple is raising two children born to a surrogate mother. Ask your Russian girlfriend about them, she will tell you more!

So what is it all about? In the field of online dating, relationships with a large age difference are common. You can guess for a long time whether we are talking about a real sublime feeling, or about the prestige of having a young lover, money calculation, and self-interest. And you can also live, try and love! There are many similar examples if you search. Therefore, be more courageous, trust your feelings more and respond immediately when you receive a letter or a message in chat from a young Russian or Ukrainian girl, from whose photos you cannot take your eyes off for a long time on the USSR-STAR.com dating site.

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