Best way to learn a foreign language in 90 days!
If you decided to arrange your life with a Russian or Ukrainian girl, you most likely will have to learn her language. We will tell you about a technique that will allow you to learn a foreign language by 80% in just three months. The main secret is not to be lazy!

Study plan for 90 days

First month
This is a period of intensive language learning and working with a tutor. There is an opinion that group classes are relaxing and allow you to be lazy. Lesson with the teacher one by one force language learning and constantly keep you in tone. Every day you must learn 30 new words. Why exactly 30? Because in 90 days you will know the language by about 80% and your vocabulary (slightly less than 3,000 words) will be enough for free communication.

Second month
After the first intensive month of study, you are already fully able to communicate with native speakers. After all, it is the communication exactly and not the fulfillment of tasks from the textbook that allows us to memorize new words and phrases well. It would be ideal to visit the country, the language of which you are studying, and therefore it's time to gather for a visit to your beloved.

The third month
On the third month your assumed level of language knowledge should be enough to watch movies and read books. In doing so, you should study 30 new words each day throughout the period. And the main point is communication with the native speaker, and you already have one, so that will make the final stage more pleasant.

Share this system with your russian beauty if she needs to learn your native language. Conversation in one language will make your closer to each other for sure.

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