Eight Reasons Why You Should Change the Scene
Dating Russian women and Ukrainian girls, both of you will face the problem of changing the scene. Changing the scene often causes stress and discomfort: traveling, moving and living in another country. What can we say about the big changes, if we even neglect a simple change in the situation: go to a new cafe, spend an evening at the theater, go to a master class.

New moves and other changes in the situation give many important advantages.

1. Changing the scene shakes your life.
Coming out of the comfort zone, a person can make a qualitative leap in his development. What do you think, why do people move to Moscow or New York? To achieve something? It is not because money grows on trees. It's not about the city, it's about getting out of the comfort zone. Moving gives such a strong "kick in the ass", forcing a person to turn and do something that he did not do before, and the results do not make him wait long.

2. Troubles help to cope with the pain.
If you decide to move, you can heal some of the mental wounds. Just to abstract from them due to hassle, new acquaintances and immersion in a new atmosphere. Do not grudge about anything - feel free to throw everything that you do not want to bring into your new life, everything that can cause negative memories! Believe me, there will be something new on the released place in the soul!

3. An excellent reason to unload things.
Is it worth it to keep jeans that you do not wear? more space is often released with the change of the environment, Precious things should be taken to a new place, and unnecessary ones should be thrown away.

4. Feeling of ease and freedom.
The change of the situation gives a sense of power over space and a rare occasion to feel really controlling your life.

5. Rethinking Things
For someone, the minimum level of comfort is a toothbrush, additional set of underwear and the Internet, for someone it is a little more. Experience shows that in a new place you begin to feel comfortable enough when you know where to buy food / how to solve the problem with the Internet / how public transportation goes. Not so much is needed for personal growth.

6. Change of environment
New friends, new neighbors, new colleagues at work. Any change is good if you are positive! The main thing is to be open and not to be afraid of communicating with new people. You can surround yourself with successful and developing people and you will take the path of success.

7. Change of image
Let's say you moved - this is an excellent opportunity to start all over again. The main thing here is not to step on the same rake as before. No one knows you, no one criticizes you, no one expects anything. You can realize your ambitions to the fullest.

8. Simple Truths
With a change in the situation, you can become aware of who you are, what you need, who your real friends are, what a house you have for you ... Such things help you become stronger, wiser and more responsible.
For all these reasons, friends, do not be afraid to change the situation, do not be afraid to change the house, move to another country and live there. This is an invaluable experience that will teach you many useful things and will allow you to grow as individuals.

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