Family dinners, intrigues and scandals: Seven Thanksgiving Day movies to watch with Russian girl
Thanksgiving Day is a starting point for holiday season, which lasts till Christmas and New Year. In addition, this day has a lot of family tradition that the Americans comply with more than one hundred years. It is not surprising that such a holiday is often a great "backdrop" for movies. Especially directors like to portray family dramas in its seemingly good and forgiving background. Although in the end the adversities only prove the rule: Thanksgiving Day is the family holiday of the year. So now we’ll remember 7 well-known American movies that will bright up your holiday and will give your Russian wife understanding of Thanksgiving.

1. "Pieces of April"
"Pieces of April" is the movie showing not only the culture of America on Thanksgiving Day but also the relationship between the family at this very family holiday. Patricia Clarkson for her role as April's mother has been nominated for all significant awards from the Golden Globe to "Oscar".

2. "The Oranges"
Hugh Laurie and Leighton Meester in 2012 starred in the comedy-drama "The Oranges", the main effect of which takes place on the eve of Thanksgiving Day.

3. "Hannah and Her Sisters"
Another comedy drama. The story by Woody Allen is not less confusing and stressful. Main characters are three sisters, Hannah, Lee, and Holly who Unexpectedly find themselves in a very difficult situation.

4. "Jack and Jill"
The comedy "Jack and Jill" is not meant for philosophical conclusions about life, but Adam Sandler also decided to reflect on family problems on the eve of a succession of events.

5. "Home for the Holidays"
"Home for the Holidays" is the second work of director Jodie Foster. She also decided to base the story on a popular subject for all Americans - the dinner on Thanksgiving Day. And we see not a happy family getting together.

6. "The Ice Storm"
The Director Ang Lee who won a gold branch of Cannes, decided to put a difficult family relationship in holiday decorations when it is time to pronounce the words of thanksgiving for all the deeds.

7. "Scent of a Woman"
The final film in our collection is "Scent of a Woman" with Al Pacino, one of his most famous works. The film begins on Thanksgiving Day when a retired intelligence colonel Frank Slade decides to indulge yourself on holiday trip to New York.

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