How Ukrainian Girl Became the Principal Dancer of the American Ballet Theatre
Christina Shevchenko dedicated 24 years of her life to ballet and today she has deservedly received the title of principal dancer of American Ballet Theatre.

The future ballerina was born in Odesa, Ukraine. Her Father, a gymnast, brought Kristina to Olympic reserve school when she was three years old. Almost immediately she got to the ballet class. Since then, she has never parted with the ballet bar.

When Christina Shevchenko was 8, her family emigrated to the United States. There Kristina continued to dance in Pennsylvania.

When she was 19, The New York Times wrote about Christina. Her face adorns the covers of fashion magazines and critics called this Ukrainian Woman a promising dancer of the American Ballet Theatre.

The ballerina explains her success simply. She says that the most important is to do what you love. She loves ballet, and no matter how hard it is sometimes, she always gets the pleasure of dancing.

Her dream is to become a prima ballerina and play a show in her homeland in Ukraine someday. After all, despite all the opportunities that she has received in her new country, she still feels like a Ukrainian lady inside.

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