Must-See Movies if You're Dating Online
Do you want to get some inspiration to get register at a dating site and find your beautiful Russian woman or Ukraine Girl? Do you need special motivation? Then these movies for you!

A sweet romantic comedy about Gina and Seth, who after 13 years of correspondence, decide to meet. But the heroes are not very happy. After all, all these years they sent each other the photos of their best friends.

A film for adults about the consequences of computerization in the life of man and society. Tom has not left home for eight years, as he suffers from agoraphobia (fear of open space). Fortunately, he has a computer that meets any desire, including an intimate character. But when the virtual courtesan bothers, the psychoanalyst recommends Tom to make friends with a real partner and write it down in a dating club.

A cheerful and soulful film about loneliness and search for the second half.
Sarah works as a teacher and more recently divorced her husband. Sisters Carol and Christine decide to find her the perfect life partner and place her add on dating site with the note "love to dogs is required."

Youth romantic tale of Cinderella in a modern way.
Alumnus Sam in a chat at Princeton University gets to know a young man named "wanderer". Meeting at a school ball in honor of Halloween, Sam finds out that her boyfriend by correspondence is the most beautiful guy in school. Exactly at midnight, she escapes from dancing but accidentally loses her phone.

Samantha gets to know via the internet with a nice and kind guy, whom she can trust with the most intimate. But the girl does not know that her soulmate is a malevolent neighbor, whom she does not tolerate. The film is light and romantic - an excellent option for a good evening.

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