Specify who are you looking for in your profile field to catch your Russian bride.
The main point of your profile is “looking for”: field as this is the answer to the question: “Why are you here?”. What type of the relations are you looking for? You can include age, body type, even desired colors of eyes and hair – just all your preferences. It’s your chance to list all the personality traits of your perfect match. Describe the woman of your dreams. But be realistic. Are you an absolutely ideal man without any minuses? Every person has his (her) weak points and you should always make allowance on it. It may occur that you will fell in love with a lady who has no qualities you dream your future wife to have.
Well… these are the main points you should write about. It’s rather hard, but you should remember that totally completed “looking for” field will highly increase your chances to attract sweet Russian women. Try not to use trite clichés. I assure you ladies are tired of reading just the same word at every step (many of them are learned by heart). Don’t be afraid. Later you can easily edit any of these sections. Be positive, turn on your sense of humor and start! Good luck!

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