What Should You Know Preparing For the Picnic with Your Russian Woman
Those who live in any large or small town probably know a place where they can escape from the city, have a delicious meal on the grill, take a walk through the woods or swim in the lake or river. If you're planning a picnic with your Russian girlfriend, maybe our helpful tips will be of use.

Picnic: what to take to a picnic?
Preparing for the picnic is troublesome. Everybody faced the situation when he had been planning to take all the necessary for the picnic, and by the arrival at the place, it had turned out that something had been left at home. For example, many people forget such important things as matches, salt, knives.
To avoid falling into this situation, get into the habit to write a list of what you need to take with you before every trip or hike , especially focusing on the most important things. While referring to the list, pack all the pieces carefully.

Dishes for a picnic
An important detail for a picnic is dishes, where the products are transported. They should maintain a fresh look and smell good after the transportation. It is Better to place every product in a separate small container - sausage, cheese, vegetables.
You can cook some dishes at home, and then take them with you if the barbecue isn’t in your plans. To keep the product warm, you can use a conventional foil or special containers made of thick foil.
If it's rather hot outside, and your picnic place is far enough, you can build a homemade bag refrigerator, shifting containers with products with bottles of frozen water in advance.

What place to choose for a picnic.
Picnic area, of course, should be comfortable, clean, away from the highway, the noise and city mess. Go outside the city for some nice picnic place. Sometimes, in the city, there are special places in parks and around lakes where you can make a barbecue and relax, but usually such places attract large crowds and noisy neighbors can be annoying. The most successful option would be to find your quiet place outside the city, where you can go anytime you want.
The residents of big cities often complain that all good places for picnics have long been known, so lots of people tend to get there. Then you have to take the place in advance (for example, to come early in the morning).

A picnic can be arranged even in the city on the roof of the house! If you are unable to leave the city, why not to climb on the roof? By the way, some fans of a beach holiday, even sunbathe on the roof.

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