What Will Your Russian Girlfriend Give You For Your One Year Dating Anniversary?
One year of your relationship is a very bright date in most cases because it is a time when feelings are on a bright emotional level, and everyone sincerely wants to please his second half. Remember all the important dates in your relationship, because these days remind you why you are still together. So what’s about the gift! What Russian lady may choose for her foreign husband for such an important day? Gifts can be divided into several groups, such as: useful, cheap, unusual, hand-made, as well as romantic gifts. Briefly let’s consider all options:

Useful gifts include electronic cigarette, if your man smokes; good leather wallet- this gift is good for a guy who is more than 23 years old; Jewelry - it may be a chain, a bracelet or a ring of silver or gold – such gift can be done with the financial capabilities; Watches - the perfect gift for those who are not afraid of stereotypes about the parting, and when the guy does not have a watch; Parker pen is suited for young business people; and of course the immortal shaving kit in case of emergency.
Unusual gifts are the following: fun stuff that you can buy in the store with gags, which is in almost every city, where you can easily choose a custom gift; parachute jump - another kind of original gift; unusual alarm clock; pants with an unusual pattern or vulgar.

You can also give a handmade - this could be a poster with your photos or interesting recordings; dish - it can be a very tasty cake that you have done for the first time. Pillow in form of heart is also a very original gift for the second half.
Romantic gifts - it can be a candlelight dinner, which gradually goes into a night of love; romantic walk, on a boat or a yacht, which also will surprise your man; Romance + sex - in this case, you can experiment with both the underwear and place for sex.
These are the gifts your Russian bride may choose for you.

As a result, the first year of your relationship will be remembered. Once you have other ideas, give her a hint.

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