Your Slavic lady's hair color and sexuality
Do gentlemen prefer blondes? Until a certain point, society believed so. However, recently the popularity of blondes as well as their eternal rivals - brunettes has been noticeably giving ground.

To whom do men now give a kind of "palm to the superiority of sexuality"?
The answer is obvious: red-haired girls are the dainty bit that most of the opposite sex seeks to try. Moreover, the attraction of men to red-haired beauties is caused by something at the genetic level.

As you know before brunettes were considered the sexiest . However, German sex scientists have revealed to the world other data: the owners of red hair still win.

Such a statement by specialists was made possible by the results that they obtained in a thorough analysis of the sex life of about a thousand ladies. All participants in this experiment belonged to three types: blondes, brunettes, and redheads.

Thus it was possible to reveal the following: red-haired women lead the most active sex life. As a result in the “baggage” these “sunny” girls have a much larger number of sexual partners than their opponents - blondes and brunettes.
According to psychologists, this red-haired hypersexuality is primarily due to the fact that the bright, fiery color of their hair attracts partners of the opposite sex at the subconscious level.

Know that if your Russian girl has changed her natural hair color to red, she signals in this way and again at a subconscious level that she is in search of a sexual partner. If she has one, then the change in the color image of her hair suggests that she is unhappy with the existing sexual relationships, and therefore does not mind changing her partner

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