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Nice girl Elena, 44 yrs.old from Irpen, Ukraine

Elena 44

Ukraine, Irpen

I can say that I am a very positive person. I think that the best way to start a day is to smile. I am educated and s...

Hot pen pal Viktoria, 34 yrs.old from Starobilsk, Ukraine

Viktoria 34

Ukraine, Starobilsk

I am a kind and romantic lady who is also gentle. I am a family person and I believe that every woman needs to be a w...

Nice lady Inna, 36 yrs.old from Kharkov, Ukraine

Inna 36

Ukraine, Kharkov

I am young, pretty, nice woman with a kind heart, good character. I am a good mother to my son. And I want to be a...

Charming girl Yulia, 37 yrs.old from Khmelnytskyi, Ukraine

Yulia 37

Ukraine, Khmelnytskyi

I have many hobbies. The most of all I enjoy traveling, embroidery, knitting, drawing and taking photos. I like to sp...

Nice girl Veronika, 34 yrs.old from Sumy, Ukraine

Veronika 34

Ukraine, Sumy

I was told many times that I have that special warm aura around me that others can feel. I am very kind, genuine, ple...

Hot lady Elena, 32 yrs.old from Irpen, Ukraine

Elena 32

Ukraine, Irpen

I am a free spirited young woman who positive and active. Life is full of good and bad things but it is better to not...

Beautiful girlfriend Viktoria, 36 yrs.old from Odessa, Ukraine

Viktoria 36

Ukraine, Odessa

I am very a kind and responsive lady. My friends also say that I am clever, communicative and funny. At the same ti...

Charming woman Elena, 51 yrs.old from Odessa, Ukraine

Elena 51

Ukraine, Odessa

I am a very communicative, merry and responsible. I am also a sexy and smart woman who is mature and who knows life,...

Hot miss Larisa, 53 yrs.old from Irpen, Ukraine

Larisa 53

Ukraine, Irpen

I am a Creative person who is a good communicator with a mild character. I am a very creative person who likes to loo...

Single lady Elena, 48 yrs.old from Simferopol, Russia

Elena 48

Russia, Simferopol

I have an international passport, I already travelled a lot. , I was in Scandinavia, Poland, Hungary, Itale, Austria,...

Nice lady Galina, 38 yrs.old from Simferopol, Russia

Galina 38

Russia, Simferopol

I am a solid gentle woman, a real lady, I know how to represent myself in the society and you will never feel shame a...

Amazing pen pal Rita, 36 yrs.old from Kharkov, Ukraine

Rita 36

Ukraine, Kharkov

I am very kind, calm, reliable, friendly and always smiling girl. I like sport, travels. But most of all I like sing...