Real nameKristina
Date of birthMay 07, 1999
ResidenceGermany, Stuttgart
Height176 cm (5'9")
Weight120 lbs (54 kg)
Body typeSlim
Hair colorFair
Eye colorBlue
English levelPre-Intermediate
Marital statusNever Married
ChildrenHave no children
OccupationBrow maker

I am

Some think I am an angel, a saint, with big wings, with a heart full of love that only one person can have! And someone thinks the opposite, thinks I am a hidden demon, a wolf in sheep's clothing with a perfect burning body ...., who gathers millions of stares every day, but nevertheless remains lonely..... The decision is yours, do you want to know what I am, an angel or a demon? I always get what I want, so it's not hard for me to do anything to really be on the same page with you with the same thoughts for two.My interests are always different.... I don't always stand still and try to evolve every day. I have many hobbies that are getting more and more every day. I realize that I am at an age that opens the gates to a new life and new opportunities and allows me to see the world from a different perspective. So I want my life to be full of adventure, love, sympathy, the purest and sincerest emotions, passion, desire to be needed... I am energetic, often like to have fun and always smile (despite the stereotype that women can't joke) After I cook dinner with my specialties, which are perfect for a romantic setting, you will understand why I am an angel, and after dinner is over, you will understand why I am a demon... waiting for you.

Age range 25-80

Looking for

For me, visual and age categories don't matter, all that matters to me is what's inside a man. For me, age is a number, and appearance is a matter of style, which does not affect what a man is really like. I want a reliable, faithful, loving man who has a clear position, who is willing to make key choices in our lives and take responsibility for them, who respects my choices and listens to me. Who from the moment of our relationship, will understand that we are now one and everything that happens good or bad we rejoice and grieve together, but never give up. If you really think you are and see me as a woman who should be there for you, then why are you reading this and not writing?