Real nameElena
Date of birthApril 14, 1984
ResidenceUkraine, Dnipro
Height175 cm (5'8")
Weight140 lbs (64 kg)
Body typeSlim
Hair colorBlack
Eye colorBrown
English levelPre-Intermediate
Marital statusNever Married
ChildrenHave 1 children
OccupationSales Manager.

I am

My name is Elena, and I am a woman immersed in the world of passion and romance. My life is art, where every day brings new colors and shades. I am not married, but my daughter is my real joy and source of inspiration.
My heart and soul yearns for true love. I believe in the magic that happens between two people when their souls connect. I truly believe that somewhere out there, in this world, there is a man who will be my partner in the journey of life, a man with whom we will share everything - joys, sorrows, moments of happiness and passion.
My life is like an incredible novel that is just beginning. I am ready to open before a man all my passion and tenderness, to give him the love that only a woman can give. We will create our own stories together, embellishing them with romance and passion.
My daughter is a part of me, and she deserves only the best. I strive to be an example and mentor to her in finding true love and happiness. The two of us are waiting for a man who will not only be my love, but also a friend and protector for her.
My life is about sincerity, passion and hope for the future. I am ready to open my heart and give all my love to the one who really deserves it. Real man, wherever you are, I hope that soon our paths will cross and we can create together our own romance filled with passion and love.

Age range 36-80

Looking for

I am Elena, a woman with a heart full of passion and romance. My life, like a colorful mosaic carpet, is already decorated with many bright colors and important moments, and now I am ready to share all this beauty with a real man.
I have a daughter, a little princess, who fills my days with joy and laughter. We are a team, inseparable by love and support. But there is room in my heart for one more person - for a real man who can be our support and make our family even happier.
I am looking for a man who is ready to dive into this world of love, passion and adventure with me. A man who appreciates real femininity and beauty inside, not only outside. My man should be gentle and caring, strong and determined.
With him we will boldly step forward, exploring the world together, creating memories that will shine like stars in the night sky. We will support each other in every endeavor, whether it's raising our daughter or just taking romantic moonlit walks.
I believe that my soulmate is somewhere near, and I am ready to open my heart for true love and happiness. I am waiting for that man who will read these words and feel that we are destiny, and that our story will be the most beautiful romantic fairy tale that could only be imagined.