2 Years of Online Chats at USSR-STAR.com
Are you one of our customers who’s been an active user of such exciting feature at our website like Online Chat? If so, you are lucky one and we are sure you are enjoying it! It's been integrated on our website for 2 years now and you are welcome to join and try it at any moment.

We worked long and hard in order to meet the major requirements of our members and the needs of the modern world before we launched it. We'd been doing our best to design an interface that would make chat requests visible but not annoying.

Online Chat at Ussr-Star.com makes you closer to the woman when two of you are online. There is no need to wait for an answer for hours or days as you get an instant reply and you can share the pictures of each other in real time, you can discuss any details of your meeting or date - online or in reality.

Thousands of couples have had a chance to communicate in the live chat over these 2 years. This amount stands for the true proof of service demand and its quality, making loving hearts closer and giving better understanding of each other in spite of the distances between 2 people who have found each other at our website and made their first steps towards their dream! Isn’t it fantastic?! Hey, it’s time to chat! Your Special Lady is online and waiting for You!

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