Delicate Family Celebration
Every year on July 8, the Day of Family, Love and Loyalty is celebrated in Russia. This holiday in Russia was initiated by the deputies of the State Duma. It’s curious that the initiative to celebrate the Day of Family, Love and Loyalty has no confessional boundaries. Every religion has examples of family loyalty and love. The idea of the holiday arose several years ago among the residents of the city of Murom, where Christian saints are buried, whose memory takes place on July 8.

There is a very delicate symbol - chamomile, because this wild flower is considered in Russia as a symbol of love. If you've already found Her at our website, you should love and care about Her like about this fragile flower that needs care and support every day!

And of course, today's date is a great reason to think about your own future family, to show particular concern for your Special Lady on our website, because perhaps she is the keeper of your future family home.

We want it to be easy to take a step forward towards your family happiness - it is ready to knock on your door. May all our users find their right one at our website!

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