Your Blondie’s Holiday!
On May 31 International Blonde Day is celebrated with bright parades and beauty contests. It's been celebrated since 2006! On this day you shouldn’t forget to congratulate your blondie girlfriend, as she is really worth it!
It’s common known that blond hair first made its appearance as a result of mutation in humans about 11,000 years ago. Now about 2% of the world's people are blond. They are more common in the United States, and in some parts of geographically northern Europe. Scientists say that natural blondes are rare and may disappear completely by 2202.
May there be any truth to the negative stereotype of blonds? We don’t think so, as the most of the blonde ladies at our website are absolutely clever, intelligent and well educated! They are also perceived to be more desirable partners. Also blonde women as specialists are paid 7% more than those with any other hair color.
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