6 main Russian wedding traditions!
A wedding is probably the most memorable holiday in a couple's life. In every country there are special traditions of this day and even if you do not register your marriage at the homeland of your Russian bride, you will be interested in getting to know them.

Ransom of the bride
Traditional Russian style wedding begins with the bride's redemption. The groom with his friends and relatives comes to the house where the bride lives, and performs with them a series of tasks that his bride’s relatives prepared for him. But ransom, at least somehow, should be connected with money and other values, at least symbolically. Therefore, the groom's relatives take money, flowers and sweets with them.

The shedding of the new-married
The shedding of the new-married is a beautiful tradition, which is very popular now. It consists in the fact that when young people leave the registry office, guests shower them with rose petals, grain, and small change. It is very beautiful when two pigeons are released after shedding.

Meeting with bread and salt
After the young people left the registry office, they go for a walk to the forest or to the park; they go to the groom's house, where his parents greet them with bread and salt. Young people should taste a loaf of bread sprinkled with salt.

Dance of the newlyweds
When the celebration begins, the host announces the dance of the young, and they dance to a specially chosen melody.

Bride stealing
Bride stealing is also an ordinary tradition at the wedding. Sometimes instead of the bride someone steals her shoe. And in order to return the bride or the shoe, the groom's friends have to give a ransom - they usually have to perform some tasks, for example, to sing or dance.

The bride's bouquet
When the celebration of the wedding comes to an end, the bride invites all the unmarried girls to line up and throws a bouquet. Whoever catches it, according to tradition, will be the next who will marry.

Here are the main wedding traditions and they are very interesting. Think about how to use them in your situation. Memories of this day will be with you for a very long time!

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