6 signs that you have found the perfect soul mate
Walk through the list and draw conclusions:

1. You do not think about anyone else when you are together - Note how you behave with a partner in a bar or restaurant. Do you look around to see who else is nearby? Do you think about who can see you together? Or are you just satisfied that you two are together, and on the contrary want to be noticed with him or her? If the second variant is true, your partner passed the test.

2. The partner rejoices at your successes - According to psychotherapists, in unhealthy relationships one person often harms the interests of another. Sincere joy for your achievements is a sign that this will not happen. For this the partner should be satisfied with his own life. Then he will rejoice at your success with you.

3. The partner does not try to change you

If the partner tries to change you or does not accept you as you are, it is a sign that a person likes to control others. He will never treat you with respect.

4. The partner fits into your life.

Think whether the life of the partner crosses with your own outside relationships. Does he\she get along well with other people in your life? Do you get along well with his\her friends and family? Do you have common interests and activities? If so, this is a good sign!

5. The partner listens to you

It's good if the partner is sincerely interested in your life and listens carefully when you speak and also remembers that you talked about yourself. If he\she almost always speaks only about himself, does not ask about you, does not listen to your words, he is unlikely to be interested in you. He just needs to speak out.

6. The partner does not hide his emotions

In a healthy relationship, partners express their feelings and resolve conflicts. If you ignore the discontent, the irritation will only grow.

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