7 great ideas on how to spend the evening or weekend with your Russian bride
When you are in a relationship, it feels great to spend time together. And every time before the weekend, you think about where to go to relax with your girlfriend. If you sit at home and do not go out, then you might want to change it urgently. Today we will look at a couple of ideas to spend the evening with your Russian or Ukrainian girl in a fun and cool way:

Even if you cannot play, it does not matter. As they say: newcomers are lucky. If your girlfriend has never been in bowling center, then it will be a huge surge of emotions for her. Also, bowling will provide an opportunity to experience the spirit of healthy competition, which will further increase interest in playing.

One of those types of entertainment where you can fool around in the water and get a huge dose of positive. It's great to go on the biggest slide with the girl and roll down of it together, getting cool emotions. Also in the water park there are cool bars and cafes where you can eat.

Sports activities
If you think that girls do not like sports, then you are wrong. Many of them are anxious to it. Even if you two are not fans, just try to get tickets for football, basketball or boxing. Being there you will feel the energy of the crowd and the event itself. This atmosphere is beyond words, you can only feel it.

Barbecues and hiking in the forest
It is summer now and there is nothing better than to go to the forest and to make barbecues there. You can go with friends or arrange a romantic date. In the fresh air people feel more relaxed and peaceful. Find a route on the Internet, take everything you need and go. And believe me, you will remember it later.

Games in a circle of friends
You cannot constantly spend time together because you will quickly get bored with each other. Therefore, you need to get together with your friends and play fun games as often as possible. Mafia, Uno, Jenga, Monopoly, etc. All these games bring together and bring diversity to your relationship.

Now there are a lot of different spas, where you will get a cool wrap and massage. As girls constantly try to pay attention to their bodies, then it will be a real gift for them. You will get a lot of pleasure and compliments from your half.

Another cool way to have fun with a girl. It will give you a bunch of adrenaline and positive emotions. After it you can move to a quiet cafe and discuss emotions with a glass of good wine.

Remember that spending more time with the girl who came to you, exactly to you, from another country, when everything is new around her is very important. This should be done often, with high quality and with love! Believe me, your mail order bride will appreciate this!

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