9 tips to help not to lose the degree of feelings in a distance with Ukrainian beloved
In this day and age, when distance means nothing, we often find a couple in another city or country. But because of the forced quarantine and closed borders, such a relationship is in jeopardy. Clearly, it's not easy - separation makes many things unattainable. The situation is complicated by longing for the Ukrainian bride and obsessive suspicions mixed with jealousy (often unjustified, but who cares).

The possibilities of modern gadgets can work wonders, but still, to keep your love alive ignoring hundreds of kilometers between you, it's not enough just to exchange letters with your Ukrainian bride - you both should make an effort. At the same time, there's no reason to cycle in unconcerned support of a distant romance - you still have friends, family, work, and hobbies.

In general, there is no reason to be sad, you know that soon there will be a meeting with a Ukrainian girl. And to brighten it up, take note of the tips that will keep the fire of your feelings - regardless of the news, time and space.

1. Do not pester each other with excessive communication

Don't reduce the relationship to suffocating contact: We strongly recommend NOT being online all the time. There is no need to communicate 24 hours a day - it will not do any good, but rather worsen the situation. Here it is the opposite: the less, the better. Much more effective messages in a chat, catching at the right moments, "pulling" the right places of body and soul.

2. Plan for the future

The truth is that no couple can stay in a long-distance relationship forever. Even if you don't yet live in the same city and time zone, you're probably hoping for a future together, which means you have a good reason to discuss it.

3. Take the separation from your Ukrainian bride as a rewarding experience

Folk wisdom says, "If you want to live together, you have to learn to live apart first. Look at what is happening as a test of feelings. Instead of thinking that a long-distance relationship will tear you in two, believe that through this experience you will be more firmly bonded together.

4. Be honest and trust each other

Talk to each other about your feelings, insecurities, jealousy, apathy. Don't try to deal with your own feelings and hide anything - all the secrets will come out sooner or later. Be frank, honest and kind, don't be stingy with sincere warmth and accept the necessary support from your Ukrainian woman.

5. Be constant and full of surprises

Always wish each other "good morning" and "good night. In addition, tell your partner about your everyday life and the events that fill it - this is how normal couples in love behave. Diversify your communication formats - write letters, send messages and playful stickers, send photos, share videos. That way you'll realize your feelings and care, and your Ukrainian bride will know she's surrounded by love and attention.

6. Don't forget about important dates and events

It's helpful to know each other's habits and work schedules so you don't text during important meetings or wait for an answer in a chat at odd hours. And please don't forget important dates - birthdays, graduations, awards, and family occasions. Greetings, flowers and gifts, delivered on time, are important parts of a long-lasting union.

7. Find common interests.

Play online games together, watch movies and YouTube videos. Recommend books, shows, movies, albums and news to each other so you have more topics to talk about and what's good for creating a shared experience while you're apart.

8. Prevent "dangerous" situations.

For example: if you know that your Friday night outings to the bar with colleagues upset your Ukrainian bride, you have two options: 1) don't go anywhere; 2) warn her in advance, preventing an argument after the fact. Listen not only to your heart but also your mind: cheating, skipping online meetings and listening to recriminations is much more unpleasant than just talking the night before.

9. Write messages.

Send each other postcards and handwritten love letters. If you're used to writing by hand don't spare time for a long sensual letter at USSR-STAR.com; such a message will stay in your memory forever!

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