Are you consonant by eye color with your mail order bride?
American scientists have proved that the strength and internal energy of a person are directly related to the color of his eyes. Let's look at what eyes color the partner should have for your relationship to be wonderful?

Brown-eyed people have mutual understanding and are always open to each other. They will always help and solve any problems. However, living under one roof gives them some inconvenience. They usually choose a leadership position and this can lead to competition and the only way out is a joint goal with your future wife, which must be achieved together.

If, for example, your mail-order bride is brown-eyed, and you have green eyes, then harmony and idyll will reign in love. In this pair, a leader is a person with green eyes. If the brown-eyed agrees with this, then their relationship develops positively and diversely. In order not to make mistakes, lovers need to listen to each other.

Brown-eyed in combination with gray-eyed: there is no specific leader. In their tandem, there is support and mutual understanding. However, the state of mind of such a couple is not stable. They cannot speak on frank topics and cannot admit mistakes to each other. While you are talking on the site, it’s easier to talk about some things, use this opportunity to the maximum!

The relations of people with brown eyes and blue are particularly passionate and contradictory. Their relationship is like a volcano, which completely tires of both. Communication of such couples is reproaches, provocations, disputes, and jokes. Of course, the main provocation is brown-eyed and blue-eyed, it is completely satisfied. Sometimes a leader can overdo it, which can lead to betrayal and rash acts of the second partner. To avoid unpleasant consequences, the brown-eyed must control his actions and know when to stop.

Green-eyed and blue-eyed are not the most suitable tandem. They cannot be sincere and trust their partner. But, despite this, they complement each other. Blue-eyed partners can be dominant and inspire a loving person. It can be a creative impulse or a certain activity for a relationship. Green-eyed, for such a help, will always support and help their partner back. Such relationships are rarely firm because a man and a woman constantly oppress each other.

Green-eyed with green-eyed is a successful union. Such lovers are on the same wave. They always share candid thoughts and state of mind. They never condemn and they support each other. The only disagreement they can have is jealousy and hasteless life. That is why such a couple needs to make innovations and changes to their lives.

People with green and gray eyes create a perfect pair and a strong marriage. But there is one condition - the leader in the pair must be gray-eyed. This person will be able to direct the energy and strength of the second partner in the right direction. It will help your loved one become more successful, happier and achieve goals. In exchange, the partner expects comfort and sympathy.

The blue-eyed and gray-eyed in a tandem have practically nothing in common. Love is practically impossible. If a love story happens, then it does not last long and happens only out of curiosity for each other. There are exceptions. The leader in the relationship is blue-eyed, and if the gray-eyed wants to take the initiative, then failure is guaranteed.

Partners with blue eyes have a great chance of a successful marriage. They are interested in each other. In their relationship, there is lightness and romance. The disorder can serve as everyday life and household chores. To avoid misunderstanding, you should combine goals and have as many common interests as possible.

Gray-eyed partners. Mutually beneficial union based on support and comfort. They respect each other, but they rarely experience true feelings. Thanks to mutual respect, this tandem is strong and firm.

Check your past relationships according to the info above, is it the same or not? And what eye color does your mail order bride have? Are the prospects good? Share your Love Story with us!

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