Scientists have figured out what “perfect time” is for men to have sex. Researcher Stephen Jay Winter of the University of Louisville has developed a chart that showed fluctuations in the level of testosterone production in men during the day.
So, the highest level of testosterone production occurs at a time between 4 and 8 am, reaching a peak at 7 am. This explains the phenomenon of morning erection. In addition, sexologists believe that this is the best time to enjoy fast sex.

A high testosterone level gives a person more energy, so he can make love longer.
According to Samantha Evans, an expert on sexual health and well-being, thanks to a few minutes of morning sex, people look younger and their mood gets better.
"Men accumulate testosterone during sleep and when they wake up, and then are full of testosterone for three hours," she added.

However, if a man loves afternoon pleasure, then this is because the influx of testosterone occurs at one o'clock. Yet, men’s testosterone levels decrease between 8 and 10 pm.

We are sure that this info is useful for a happy family life with your Russian lady!

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