Drinking Together is Useful for Dating Relationship – Scientists Say!
Mankind tries to uncover the secret of harmonious and lasting relationship. The similarity of the characters? Patience? Politeness? Scientists believe that this is alcohol!

What do you think of such suggestion? A bottle of wine is an essential attribute of the first date with your beautiful hot girlfriend from Russia. May be, it really works, let's see!

A study published in the journal Psychogerontology says that couples who drink alcohol together or couples that are abstaining from alcohol together quarrel less than couples where one partner drinks and the other does not drink alcohol.

The study involved couples older than 50 years, scientists have interrogated 4884 persons in 2767 couples who had been together 33 years in average. And two-thirds of the participants have their first marriage. All participants answered the question, how many times a week and in what quantities they consume alcohol, and they told how often they quarrel with their spouses. It turned out that the "drinking together" pairs quarrels occur much less frequently, and, most curiously, the women in such families are satisfied with the quality of their marriage much stronger.

It is emphasized that the study involved only couples who drink alcohol moderately and with income not below average.
So now, adding your beloved wine for dinner, remember that you act for the good of the family!

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