Eight Habits to Save Your Marriage with Russian Wife
As a rule, partners try to avoid the habit as such, associating it with boredom and routine. But do not rush to yawn when you hear that it's about habits. They are useful and even able to save marriage with russian women from divorce.

Touch each other
It's not about the constant touching of a partner like he is an alien and not about the movements of hands under the clothes of Russian girlfriend. But the habit of embracing each other in public places - in a restaurant or at a meeting of friends will be very useful.

Hold hands while walking!
Of course, do not keep each other hand constantly in the store or at public places. But walking in the park or along the streets, keeping the partner by the hand is not only pleasant but also useful for the relationship.

Expect to sleep together
Of course, everything happens in life, and the lark gets along with the owl. Though only for a short while. Therefore, try to find a common denominator and turn a "going to sleep" process into an important and enjoyable part of life.

Develop common interests
Marriage is based not only on passion and insane sex. It is important to be really close people and have common interests. If you have none, then you need to create them. For example, go to the pottery courses. How to know, maybe this occupation will return a violent passion. After all, in the movie"9 and a half weeks" it is during the molding of the pitcher Kim Bessinger and Mickey Rourke blew their mind!

Learn to forgive
Excessive grumbling and fixation on things that are unfavorable to you can destroy even the most lasting marriage. It is easier to look at life and not look for a favorite dirty trick. If there is one, you will not do anything, and if you do not, you can earn the status of a nagging wife.

Look for a positive!
Here you can recall the theory that you should see the glass half full, not half empty. But let's not hesitate: right now, stop thinking that the husband won't guess what you want for the New Year again! Start thinking differently: he loves me so much, because he chose this gift for me, wasting his time! In general, revise your psychology and think in a positive way about a partner.

Speak pleasant phrases and compliments
Many of us, looking at a husband or wife, think: he is a real handsome man! Or: how lucky I am! It is hard to find such witty people. So - you have to do a turnaround. And do not forget about "I love you". And do not forget to say "Good night!". Thus, it is possible to extinguish even the quarrel that happened the day before.

Call each other during the day or send Text several times.
Carefully read the name of this paragraph. The word "several" is the key word. And it means a maximum of three times. Do not annoy your husband with texts or calls! But here is something pleasant you can write or say, reminding him about yourself.

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