Golden Rules of a Wise Russian Wife
The golden rule of a wise wife: "Rule, but do not dominate!"

"Every woman wants to have a good husband, a nice house, good children, some decorations and good food. It's not good and not bad - it's just the way the women were created," - the Vedic sages say. "But even if a woman receives all this, she can not live without love, because without love she loses her inner radiance."

"A real wife is one who is pure, skillful, truthful and brings joy to her husband." Chanakya Pandit

In the East, it is believed that without love a woman will be unsatisfied, no matter how lucky she is in other areas of life. This is also confirmed by European sociological studies, according to which the majority of women consider love with a man and a happy marriage to be the most important in life, where they could get protection and care.

The husband is the master, the wife is the manager.

Everyone knows that it is pleasant to communicate with smart and wise people. And if this is also an attractive Ukrainian woman, and her wisdom attracts and charms.

A wise woman is the one who does not always strive to be right in everything, defending her point of view fiercely and uncompromisingly. On the contrary, she is able to get out of disputes softly and to avoid conflicts, remaining at her own opinion.

It is worth noting that a wise woman can control her emotions. She never breaks into a cry and does not roll up hysterics.

A woman must be wise to be happy. Being smart does not always lead to happiness, but wisdom is the way to it! And how wonderful that a wise woman is not forbidden to be a little fool sometimes!

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