Hot Facts About Flirting with Russian Brides Which Every Man Should Know
Flirting is what happens from the moment of dating to sex. Be able to use it correctly to minimize this time! Lol! Sometimes the task of coming to an attractive stranger and making a casual conversation with her can be briefly described as "a mission impossible". Believe me, scientists have the same problems! So they seriously took care and learned the science of flirting along and across. And they are even ready to share their findings with you.

People flirt for different reasons. Professor of the University of Northern Illinois David Dryden Henningsen outlines six different reasons why people flirt.

- Sex. The obvious way to drag the interlocutor into bed.
- Curiosity. The desire to check if the relationship with this person will work.
- Relations. Trying to change the degree of intimacy, that is, simply speaking, get out of the notorious friend zone, letting understand the subject of your passion about your true feelings.
- Selfishness. Some people flirt only to seem fatal seducers.
- Manipulation. The desire to get something from another person.
- Entertainment. For some, flirting is a kind of sport.

Henningsen conducted a study. He gave 101 women and 99 men to listen to the recording of the same conversation, the participants of which flirted with each other and then asked to identify the reasons why they do it. It turned out that most men believed that the conversation had a sexual background, and most women named it as relationship motivation.

People have a feeling of affection after a conversation
A psychologist from the University of New York, Aron Johnson, in 1997 conducted an experiment: he forced people unfamiliar with each other to ask each other 36 questions, starting with a fairly neutral one ("Would you like to become famous?", "Do you rehearse a conversation in front of the telephone Ringing? ") To very personal ones (" Which of the family members' death would you have grieved the hardest? "," What kind of one thing from your house would you save from the fire? ").

In the end, after this experiment, couples were imbued with sympathy for each other, and two even started dating. So a win-win way to flirt is to ask questions of a personal nature for an object of your interest, starting with the innocent and gradually increasing the degree of frankness. The main thing is not to overdo it!

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