How to choose a gift to your beautiful Russian lady?
What kind of gifts to give? to your Russian women? Should they be useful? Or Should they be for one’s pleasure? It is not necessary to puzzle over this question! You just need to combine these qualities in one object. 25th figurine presented by you may disappoint the recipient and one more perfume, pot or towels may rise misunderstanding. Let's give useful gifts for the soul! Of course, the present choice depends on the relationship stage. It’s no good in giving some Teflon Pan to the girl you know a couple of weeks. It is also nonsense to give some decorative souvenir to your wife. How should you find the golden mean?

For example, there is a list of gifts that is not recommended at all. For example, don’t give knives, since they symbolize hatred and quarrels. The same goes for watches. People say a couple will be together till the watches go. Pearl is the stone of tears, too, you shouldn’t choose it as a gift to your girlfriend. Intimate or personal items such as cosmetics, shoes, clothes, medicines, are also included in the number of unwanted gifts. But who said that a stylish scarf or cute slippers may not be a good gift? And the amazing whirlpool foot bath with curative effects isn’t it a wonderful gift that will please any woman?

Choosing the perfume is also very delicate thins. It is believed that the perfume must be chosen by a partner who will hug his soul mate. However, it is worth remembering that odors can not just be annoying, but also affect the physical condition of the person adversely. There are several ways out of this difficult situation. If you know favorite perfume of your beloved, then you can easily give her this particular brand. If you like some flavor, but you're not sure whether your partner is "wearing" it, you can directly as her, or buy a small portion of this perfume so to speak "on trial."
A special theme is a lingerie and other intimate stuff. In this regard, there is a risk not to guess the size. The optimal solution in this situation can be a gift certificate for the purchase of underwear. By the way, you can give gift certificates for the purchase of cosmetics, clothes and all that is not accepted for buying yourself.. But if this is your permanent partner - then why not?
So if you think carefully about this issue, you will find a golden mean for sure.

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