How to write a resume while looking for a job for Russian woman
Your Russian wife wants to find a good job and she’s ready to write her first English language resume. Hope our article will be helpful for her. The resume should be made up the way the employer is interested in meeting the person for the interview. So use the following information making up the one.

At first, you should specify that you’re able to keep deadlines successfully, you are able to prioritize and you’re the one who is able to work independently with little or no supervision.
At second, don’t hesitate to mention that you adapt well to new situations and have good interpersonal skills. If you have planning skills, write about it. Once the “multitasking” term is about you, specify it.

Moreover, what personal characteristics would you like to point out? How to describe yourself? Are you optimistic and patient? Are you open to change and do you possess proactive approach? Don’t forget to show that you’re quality-oriented and well organized. Inform your employer that you’re trying to learn from past mistakes and you a have a stable work history. You should mention that you’re versatile and a quick learner.

And, finally, all bosses like team players who share knowledge and ideas with the colleagues. Use all these tips and you’ll be hired for a great and interesting job you’ve been looking for.

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