Kisses … interesting facts to kiss your Russian Bride sooner!
1. There is a science dedicated to the study of kissing - philematology.
2. The longest kiss lasted 58 hours 35 minutes 58 seconds. The record was set by a couple from Thailand.
3. There is an Eskimo kiss - touching the nose and upper lip without the participation of the lips.
4. Those who kiss passionately burn 26 calories in one minute.
5. Kiss normalizes the acidity in the mouth. It helps to avoid tooth decay.
6. A light kiss involves two facial muscles and a passionate one - 30.
7. In the Middle Ages in Italy, a man who kissed a girl, was supposed to become her husband.
8. In Japan, kissing in public is considered indecent. The Japanese almost never kiss in films.
9. During a kiss the body produces endorphins - the hormone of happiness.
10. About 66% of people tilt their head to the right or left while kissing.
11. During a kiss the pulse rises breathing quickens and blood flow accelerates.
12. In ancient Rome kissing people believed they were exchanging part of their souls.
13. The film "Don Juan" shows 127 kisses - it is the largest number in the history of cinema.

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