Once You Meet a Russian Woman Who Will Love You, You Will Find Yourself

When Russian lady who loves you enters your life you will find yourself, the one you hid long ago from other people and first of all, from yourself. You will meet yourself, the one you almost do not remember ... and you won’t even find similarities on old childhood photos... And there are no people who remember you among your friends anymore.

At the beginning of your dates, you will see only some vaguely familiar sparks, suddenly flashed in her eyes, something vaguely familiar to you will seem in her speaking tone, in her smile. At these moments, you can get lost, because something starts to emerge from the memory, but you do not understand what it is. Something forgotten ... vaguely familiar ... Incredulous recognition will awake your longing you have already got accustomed to for the years that you've even almost ceased to notice it ...

It will awake incomprehensible and inexplicable feeling of nostalgia that lives in the depths of your soul. It is inexplicable, because there is no reason for such sadness. Everything is good, everything is like everyone else, and even better ... But it also lives inside. And one day this longing suddenly explode and crush your beliefs and resistance, it will break into your consciousness and will fill it entirely.

And then stunned, lost and crushed by the force of the requirements you will remember who you are longing for. And from this very moment you will not be able to forget ... you will not be able to stifle this voice ... You will not be able to resist it, because the feeling of love will wake up in you. Over time, you will be able to see yourself... all yout beauty and all your imperfections, all your greatness and all your insignificance, all your strength and all your pain. You will see how beautiful you are, and find out how deep your sufferings are.
The thing is that you will meet Russian woman who will love you for who you are, and at the same time intends to bring you the highest requirement - the requirement to be yourself. You will meet someone who will love you more than you love yourself ...

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