Seven absolutely necessary features of the ideal husband for russian women for marriage.
1. To be loving. Only love can transform a russian bride and make her really happy. And it is always necessary to speak about your feelings and to show them. In the list of priorities, the wife must be in the first place. When a woman is sure of her feelings to the second half, she becomes self-sufficient; nothing can break her down because love gives a huge amount of strength.

2. To be understanding. When the family has no understanding inside, the marriage is doomed to decay sooner or later. The woman feels the necessity to share any of her problems and thus she is supported and encouraged. A loving man will never scoff at his wife and doubt her aims and intentions; on the contrary, he always provides her with a strong shoulder and will do everything to help his woman.

3. To be caring. As a rule, caring men are always attentive, they protect their wives, notice if they do something wrong, warm them in the cold weather and cheer them up when they feel bad. With a caring husband she will feel safely and easily.

4. To be courageous. Such man will always be able to keep his family, the relatives won’t need anything. And the profession is not important, courageous man finds any ways to realize all his goals in life, he is not looking for excuses. There are no insurmountable walls for such a man.

5. To be loyal. A womanizer can never become an ideal husband. A woman should be confident in the fact that her husband is unfaithful to her, both physically and spiritually. If a person betrays, it means that he does not love his chosen one and does not value her and it means that the marriage has no meaning.

6. To be smart. Such person will find a way out of any, even out of the most desperate and complex situations. He is easy to become successful because he knows how to do it. No wonder they say that the sexiest in a man is the brain.

7. To have a great sense of humor. It is not necessary for him to joke all day long, you should just do it when it is really necessary and appropriate: in the noisy company, or when the wife is sad. With such a man, she will never feel bored.

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