Simple tips how to Refresh Relationship With Your Russian Girl
Go somewhere for a weekend
It does not mean you and you ukraine girlfriend should go to your parents for a visit each weekend. Just go to some unknown place. You can travel to neighboring small towns, rent rooms in small cozy hotels, and explore interesting places together.

Make surprises
Unexpected trifles can perfectly refresh any relationship. Do not just limit yourself to important dates or holidays to give your partner a little surprise. Hide under your pillow her favorite chocolate or put in a book she reads a nice postcard with the words of love.

Ask questions
You won't believe, but it is the best answer to the question: how to refresh the relationship. Experts noticed that the couple spends only 4% of the time talking about personal matters and problems. Short gatherings in the kitchen are very helpful in renewing interest in each other. It's enough to ask each day after work: how was your day?

Go to bed together
Practically all psychologists give such advice. Studies have shown that absolutely all happy couples do not go to sleep separately - even if they need to wake up at the different time in the morning.

Touch each other
Communicating with your partner is not just a verbal dialogue. Do not hesitate to touch your soul mate as often as possible, because the lightest gestures will help to refresh the relationship - sit next to her, hug, put your head on her shoulder or gently stroke the hair. It has long been proven that men who simply kiss their Russian wife before leaving for work, live a few years longer than those who do not.

Care for yourself
Do not forget about the way you look. Sign in together at the gym or run around in the morning, go to hairdressing salons and spas.

Make love declaration
Maybe it will seem banal or even vulgar to somebody. In vain! Remind your second half how she is precious to you and say how much you love each other as often as possible. In fact, this is the best way to refresh the relationship!

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