Six rules to become a happy person with your Russian lady
In life, there are so many responsibilities and things to do that the days fly completely unnoticed. So it is easy to forget about your emotional, spiritual state. But the constant growth and change are necessary to become a happy and motivated person for both you and your Russian girlfriend. Therefore, try to adhere to 16 simple rules that will help you feel better about yourself and life.

1. Be organized
If you are able to organize your day, you will feel calmer and more confident. Good advice: Do the most difficult and time-consuming tasks in the morning.

2. Work on your skills and get new
There is no better time and place than here and now to do this. Do not expect a perfect day to learn to play guitar or speak Spanish. Take the first step: buy a guitar or sign up for Spanish language course.

3. Read, read and read again
Read books no matter what genre they are. Read as much as you can. Books help broaden your horizons, make you think and give you an experience that you can hardly find in real life. If you do not know where to start, start with the books of Nobel and Booker Prize.

4. Exercise every day
The biggest mistake is to perceive this activity as something unpleasant and painful. Perform the most simple exercise: sit-ups, push-ups, stretching. The main thing, do them every day.

5. Instead of junk food, eat favorite fruits and vegetables
Yes, you've heard this advice a thousand times, and it is not the original, but this does not become less important. Food can either go for the benefit of your body or harm it. And when you get used to eating fruit instead of chips, you will notice the difference.

6. Drink water
The more water you drink, the less the fatigue affects you, the internal organs of digestion work better and, your weight gets normal.There are many advantages. Water is healthier than soda or coffee and it is the best thirst quencher.

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